Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sfard Plays the Nazi Card

Here's the title of Michale Sfard's Haaretz op-ed today:

An unending settler pogrom 


As far as I can recall, not every Jewish person found guilty by a court (after all, Sfard is an attorney and should know the rules of evidence) - a small number in itself - was a resident of a Jewish community in Judea and Samaria. 

But Sfard takes it further:

In addition to its being illegal according to international law, the Israeli settlement of the West Bank (sanctioned and non-sanctioned by successive governments) is an egregious violation of Palestinian’s human rights. According to longstanding documentation compiled by Israeli human rights groups and peace activists, every settlement, even when its residents refrain from directly assaulting their neighbors, becomes a focal point, around which layers of human rights violations are created.

So, how does he define Arab terror?

And that documentation is done by interested (and biased) parties and is unreliable at at the very least must be measured by the responses of the IDF and Civilian Authority.

But he saves the "best" for last - the Nazi comparison or the European anti-Semitic reference:

It’s time we removed our earplugs and listened to the sounds emanating from the shtetl of Burin. We might recognize familiar sounds from our own collective past.


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