Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Bell Bonged (UPDATED with Bell Response)

EOZ knocked out former Canadian Ambassador and current academic Michael Bell who claimed Jews rocked Danny Seidmann.

It was Arabs.

I contacted Danny and his reply was:

@DanielSeidemann did u tell the Ambassador it was Jews? elderofziyon.blogspot.co.il/2013/12/outrag… - 03 Dec

Daniel Seidemann @DanielSeidemann

@ymedad Of course I didn't. I just saw the article now, and immediately notified him of his error.
      08:23 AM - 03 Dec 13

You can contact Bell as follows:

Professor Michael D. Bell
Department of Political Science
University of Windsor
401 Sunset Ave.
Windsor, ON
N9B 3P4
+ 519-253-3000 ex. 2357

Jerusalem Old City Initiative
Department of Political Science
University of Windsor
401 Sunset Ave.
Windsor, ON
N9B 3P4
+ 519-253-3000 ex. 4069


Just received:

Mr. Medad.
I take your point.
My information was received early on but was incorrect.
It needs to be made good.
I've taken corrective action.
You are very much correct that the attackers were Palestinian, contrary to earlier reports I had received.

Responsibility must be assigned to the Palestinian perpetrators.

This requires early correction and I have taken the necessary steps to do so.
Michael Bell



 A British man is facing a prison sentence after Italian police accused his son of vandalising a cathedral.

Seven-year-old Simon Rowe allegedly broke off pieces of stone from the Renaissance Duomo in Florence then threw them into the piazza below.

He was arrested and kept in police custody for more than two hours with his father, Jonathan.

On returning to England, Mr Rowe, a 38-year- old nurse, was contacted by the Italian authorities who told him charges would be dropped if he paid a £100 fine and £250 in legal fees.

But he has refused to pay and has been told he must return to Florence to answer charges as the legal guardian of his son, who is under the age of criminal responsibility.

Under Italian law, he could be fined or sent to jail for up a month if found guilty.

Read more.


And now I received this:


 Description: Description: cid:3376987576_26606724
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