Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rabid Leftism

Amiran Goldblum comments:

Yisrael Medad the one thing that I sniff strongly is the poison gases coming from the settlements int the occupied territories

The Zionist left built this state and made it the most legitimate in the world, and protected it against the wars that endangered its existence. All that, while you were sitting safely in your US home and enjoying peace and quiet. 

your name is an oxymoron - either an "herb" or "gross", but I would suggest to change your name to "grossmistake", because you are ignorant of who built this country, who fought its wars, who led its military to its wars of existence and you are certainly ignorant of what is the Israeli Zionist left. Go on and live in the US and send us your moral ideas by emails and posts, shame on you.

...when did you open any settlement school to a speaker from Peace Now (not me, I do not go to settlements except for reporting about construction...). Or, when did you open your schools to those whom you apply apartheid to, your neighbors from across the road ? But this won;t help you Yisrael, you are doomed

And he's continuing:

...[I'm] proud of having been part of the group that fights against what the settlers like you are creating here, an apartheid over the green line which already gets into parts of Israel in order to destroy the character of the only state of the jews. Your are unJewish, unhuman and your actions are destroying Israel, what you brought from your American background of the wild west and the genocide of the Indians will not work here. 



Dan Kelso said...

Great comments by Ken Kelso on Goldlbum.

Amiram Goldblum, the far leftist anti-Israel founder of Peace Now, hired Adel Hadmi, the convicted terrorist in question, to work in his chemistry lab at the Hebrew University School of Pharmacy as part of his campaign for collaboration between Peace Now and Palestinian terrorism.
A Tenured Extremist in Israel Leads the Campaign to Defame his Country.
December 6, 2012.

Carol Levine Israel’s Channel Two TV news claimed in 2008 that Goldblum had personally intervened and arranged for a convicted Palestinian terrorist to come work in his lab and participate in a PhD program.

The report claimed Goldblum did so out of political and ideological support for the terrorist based on his leadership in “Peace Now.”

Goldblum then denied he was the person who made the decision to hire the terrorist, and managed to badger the spokesman’s office at Hebrew University into issuing a claim that some other, mysterious, unnamed, officials had made the decision.

In Ruth King’s words, “Except we do not know of a single case in the entire world where someone gets hired to work in a professor’s university lab without that same professor’s approval and confirmation.”.

Anonymous said...

check out the truth about amiramallah goldblum at this blog;

Anonymous said...

I just love hiring convicted terrorists to work for me in my chem lab!
-- Your tanzim,
Amiram Goldblum