Monday, December 09, 2013

Anti-Boycott Voice - in Haaretz!

You noted that in Abu Dhabi the Arab press boycotted your film because it was considered “pro-Israeli.” In the wake of the choice to have the film open the Jewish Film Festival, were you urged to take part in the boycott against Israel?“Not personally, but I know that tendency exists. I find no logic in it. A cultural boycott is a paradox: To resolve conflicts, dialogue is necessary, the sides have to talk to each other. The whole idea of the movie is to get Israelis to become acquainted with a different type of Muslim Arab: a down-and-out guy who is looking for love in the big city, just like a lot of other young guys. I am a great believer in the ability of the cinema to advance understanding and dialogue, and in that sense I am an idealist.”

That was Ghazi Albuliwi, born in the Zarqa refugee camp in Jordan to a Jordanian father and a Palestinian mother.


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