Thursday, December 05, 2013

An Historical Insight: When And When Not To Stop

From the Knesset debate on the April 24, 1950 "Unification [aka Annexation] of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" conducted on May 3, 1950:-

Y. Harari (Progressives): We all want a great many things, but one has to know how and when to accept facts, and not to miss opportunities. The fact that Israel agreed to the partition borders does not mean that Rachel's Tomb has ceased to be a national monument for us, the Cave of Machpelah will always be the site where our forefathers are buried, Jericho will still be the town whose walls fell at the sound of the trumpets and the historical borders in the Bible will never change. But this did not prevent us agreeing to the possible borders at the appropriate moment. Did we fight less for the areas which were not within the partition borders of 29 November 1947? Did we not do everything possible at the right moment, in the war, to conquer them?
H. Landau (Herut): Of course you didn't.
Y. Harari (Progressives): Only you did!
H. Landau (Herut): The Gentiles stopped and our Government surrendered.
Y. Harari (Progressives): One also has to know when to stop during a ceasefire.
Y. Bader (Herut): One also has to know when not to stop.

On "West Bank".

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