Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You Can Turn Around and Go Back Home, Sec'y Kerry

He has spoken:

Sheikh Dr. Ikrima Sabri, head of the Supreme Islamic Council and the Al Aqsa Mosque preacher, issued a Fatwa prohibiting Land Swaps with the occupation which was recently accepted by the PA and the Arab league.

Palestine is the land of gathering (mahshar) and the Resurrection (Manshar) therefore it is not for sale nor for compromise, he said.  The Palestinian land, he continued, is a purely Islamic endowment, and no one is entitled to compromise or swap an inch of it.

Imagine, instead of getting p*ssed off at us Israelis, why don't you slam about the Pals.?

A late night phone-call rant to Abbas?

Asking Haaretz why they didn't alert you?

Requesting Peace Now to review Pal. Authority like they do Israel?


Found the Arabic source:

 وأضاف في خطبة الجمعة اليوم في المسجد الأقصى "إن فلسطين هي أرض الإسراء والمعراج وأرض المحشر والمنشر ، وبالتالي فإنها غير قابلة للبيع أو المتاجرة أو المفاوضات أو المساومات"

وتابع "أرض فلسطين هي وقف إسلامي ومباركة و لا يوجد مسلم في جميع أنحاء المعمورة يملك الحق في التنازل عن أية ذرة تراب من أرض فلسطين والموافقة على مشروع الوطن البديل أو تبادل الأراضي"، معتبرا انه " فشلت كافة الطروحات والحلول للوطن البديل أو تبادل الأراضي لأن فلسطين أرض مقدسة ولا مجال للتنازل عنها"

He said in his Friday sermon today in the Al-Aqsa Mosque "Palestine is the land of Isra and Miraj place of gathering and Manshar, and therefore they are not for sale, trade, or negotiations or haggling"

"The land of Palestine is Islamic waqf, and blessed, and there is no Muslim in all parts of the world has the right to waive any corn dust from the land of Palestine and to approve the draft alternative homeland or exchange of land," adding that he "failed all proposals and solutions to the homeland alternative or exchange of land because Palestine is holy ground with no room to give them "


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