Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Clifford Martin, A Hanged Sergeant

The Martins: April 1943 shows Cliff in uniform at sixteen and a half with (from left) - Cliff's sister Ethel; their mum Nanda; dad Arnold and his other sister Daisy (my mum)." Clifford Martin's nephew, Jean-Pierre Roger.

In July 1947 Sgt Clifford Martin and his friend, Sgt Mervyn Paice were hanged by the Irgun.

The irony was that Martin was actually born Jewish although it seems he was unawares of his religion.



Unknown said...

Oh what a lovely find on Blogger! My name is Victoria and I am sat here with my 7 year old daughter Darcy researching about her Great Great Uncle Clifford for her school WWII project at school...and look what we find!

The lady on the far left is my Norna Vikki, so Clifford is my Great Uncle and your mother my Great Auntie Daisy.

azariarahamim said...

How interesting! My name is Narda. I started making a documentary with a large focus on the Sergeants Affair since October, commencing at Eden Camp, the last veteran reunion. The protagonist of the film is an Israeli who has been researching this for well over a decade now! He is considered a leading expert on this subject as he has film-interviewed at length most, if not all the people directly involved.