Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Waqf and Vatican Cooperate in Jerusalem

According to this:

"Under the terms of the proposed agreement the building that houses the Upper Room, also known as the Cenacle [on Mount Zion], would reportedly remain under Israeli state ownership. However the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land—which had previously owned the building, and sought its return—will have administrative control over the Cenacle itself."

Israel's government is creating another Temple Mount situation.  Technically, the land is Israel's sovereign territory but the day-to-day control lies with an institution which does not properly belong to the State.

And I used to refer to the Temple Mount administration by the Waqf as an Islamic Vatican.

Little did I know, or suspect, or imagine.


Bernardino [of Siena, a 15th century Franciscan preacher] is particularly resented today as being a "major protagonist of Christian anti-semitism". He called for Jews to be isolated from the wider communities in which they lived; blaming the poverty of local Christians on Jewish usury. His audiences often used his words to reinforce actions against Jews, and his preaching left a legacy of resentment on the part of Jews.

and being generous

His attitude toward Jews, however, did not rise above the prejudice of his day.

Let's not forget that Cenacle building was originally a synagogue.


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Five Minutes for Israel said...

It might be the best deal Israel could get. The concept that religious institutions, especially but not exclusively the Catholic Church, will pay taxes, like everyone else, on profits is a major step.

But what is this, Israeli state ownership? Are the Catholics publicly accepting Israeli sovereignty or not?