Friday, May 24, 2013

Someone Has A Sense of Jewish Humor

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    Belz Dynastic Heir Marries Bride’s Sister, Mistake
    Cannabis Lab Found in Haredi Girls School
    Israeli PM: $127k Bed Included Other Perks
    Haredim Attack Women, Uphold “Local Custom”
    Stephen Hawking to Boycott Physics, Israeli Arabs
    France Expresses Thanks, Historic Precedent
    Tel Aviv Rabbinate Scraps Kashrut QR App
    PEW: Support for Suicide Attacks in Theory, Not Practise
    Chieftain Rabbi Blames “Yetzer HaRa” for Remarks
    Fashion Week in Ramallah Ends in Violence


1 comment: said...

You just have to have a sense of humor to appreciate these stories. By the way, I also blame my Yetzer HaRa for spending all my time reading articles like these!