Friday, May 31, 2013

Catholics for Settlements

"Palestinian settlements", that is.

I caught this:

On the hills of the West Bank, building the good life for Palestinians

Published: May 30, 2013

RAWABI, West Bank (CNS) -- About 20 minutes from the Palestinian economic hub of Ramallah, the new city of Rawabi is sprouting on a rocky hillside. Visitors sense pride as young professionals work on the first Palestinian city built with a master plan and the first new Palestinian city to rise up among the scattered Israeli settlements in the West Bank. "When people come here they are astonished," said Ghadeer Khoury, 28, a young Catholic civil engineer from Ramallah who has been working as part of the Rawabi team since its inception in 2008. "It is something (different). They are not used to seeing something like this ... for us. We know there is a good life, but we don't know that it can be for us also, with everything organized and in the right place. But we can still have something good like this, despite the (Israeli) occupation." Many of her young Christian contemporaries are coming to buy apartments here, said Khoury, who is in the process of choosing an apartment for herself. Co-worker Jack Nasser, 28, a Catholic who lives in Ramallah and works as office manager on the project, has already bought an apartment here and convinced his brother and one sister to buy here as well. What was envisioned as a neighborhood has transformed into an entire planned city.

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Do you think they are trying to tell us something?

At least Jesus was Jewish.


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