Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Keep Your Head Right About the Conflict


More in the Graphic Zionism series.


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Anonymous said...

Desperate in the White House. We need to establish a fifth column in Israel. Send Reno, Hilliary and two drag queens to visit Tzipi. If they can't penetrate the veil of religious morality send in Carville. Have the New York Times title an article, "Islam offering peace agreement to liberal Jews". Now as the white house has concluded, we need a monkey to rule the liberal Jews and the person to fit that role would be the Hong Kong Dong of Jews, Anthony Weiner. We can get the Saudis to back his run for mayor because he fits the perfect role model for depicting all Jews as monkeys, pigs and dogs. Now in order for the Jews to comply with the stipulations reguired for our offer of peace they must marry Jihadists who are closet lesbians that will have sex with future presidential candidates no matter how ugly they are. Their husbands must be Jews who have converted to Islam who will exhibit their private parts on U-tube. In other words what we need is an Ahab with a Jezebel. Doomsberg is hiding his Saudi garb as he parades himself as a compassionate Jew concerned for the health of New York. It concerns me,though, that he has disarmed the public and wants to expand machete,knife and meatcleaver shops in the broncs. As Jews are beheaded his first concern will be a blood sugar test to see if they have violated the big gulp ban. And if they are beheaded will the concerns from the Justice dept and the White House be laughs in the hall? The spin will be, how do you know they were a Jew? According to our sources they were Jewish Jihadists cloaked as Jews...such as Hong Kong Dong. A warning to American Jews, not liberal Jews,...join forces with your JudeoChristian brothers it will be the only protection you have from the Islamic White House Karadasians. Dershowitz has figured this out. The only thing between his head and a meat clever are the Christians.