Sunday, May 26, 2013

MK Tzipi Hotovely Went on An Ascent

She went on an ascent to the Temple Mount, a day before her wedding.

MK Deputy Minister for Transportion Tzipi Hotovely:

Was she a-stormin'?

She said (Hebrew):

The visit was coordinated in advance with the police commander, after it was made clear to Hotovely that the purpose of the visit is personal only.

"Ascending to the Temple Mount is important to me on a personal level because of my wedding to be held tomorrow*. Establishing a family cell is not just a private event, but also wearing a national public dimension of building a ruin ruins of Jerusalem."

Hotoveli added, "This is the most sacred place for the Jewish people, and all Jews should be free to access it. Therefore restrictions imposed on public officials who want to climb the mountain - are improper."

* The custom is that a bride immerses herself in a mikveh prior to a wedding and since it is not fitting that an unmarried woman goes to a mikveh, the only chance such a woman can enter the Temple Mount if she is observant is close to her wedding day, after visiting the mikveh.




Ramadan is approaching and so the shade coverings go up:


INN report.



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