Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Pal. Pallywood Prevarication

Last Tuesday, I caught out our neighbors prevaricating about a supposed fire we set that destroyed Arab trees and crops.

It was all a lie.

And now they are doing it again, or at least, trying to do so.

Don't believe them.

They've published this:

13 year-old boy shot at by settlers, tortured by soldiers, denied medical attention

19th May 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Team Nablus | Qaryut, Occupied Palestine

UPDATED: The 13-year-old Qaryut boy attacked by settlers on 16 May completed an operation on his lower leg and foot on Friday and has since been released to recover at home. He also provided a full account of his attack and the time he spent in an Israeli jeep untreated and tortured for information he neither had nor could speak of due to the pain from his untreated injury.

The boy said he was alone on his land near the illegal settlement of Eli when he was attacked. His friend was coming to join him when settlers began shooting at the boy. He ran, but fell from a big drop in the land, being on the mountainside. Settlers pursued him but he dragged himself on his stomach by some bushes. He was in great pain but kept quiet, afraid of settlers or soldiers finding him and continuing to attack him. After some time, his phone rang when his sister and friend called him. The soldiers then found and descended on him, threatening him with their guns while he lay, unable to move, on the ground.

Below is video [shot by B. Qaryoute] of the boy’s harassment when the Israeli soldiers found him; the video is taken in the village area down the mountain from the nearest illegal Eli settlement houses, in view of the land where the boy was attacked. He said that the soldiers and settlement security official (DCI) threatened to kill him.

No one from the village could come to the boy’s aid for risk of being shot at by the soldiers. Local Red Crescent representatives said that a man from the municipality was with the soldiers and was told that the boy would be treated in an Israeli ambulance and possibly taken to an Israeli hospital. However, as the Red Crescent, the boy’s family, solidarity activists and nearby villagers waited, watching the soldiers on top of the mountain for two to three hours, the boy was untreated and tortured by Israeli army officials for information. “They said I was trying to set fire to the land by the settlement; they said I was with three others and had a lighter and a firebomb,” the boy said. “They would twist my leg every ten minutes or so when I would not give them names [of those with whom he was accused of conspiring].” The boy said he was also beat for information.

The boy’s interrogators also told him they had pictures him, evidence against him, and that a soldier had seen him. “Why don’t you ask the soldier, then?” the boy said. Reportedly the response to this question was, “No, I want to ask you.”

Finally, the local Red Crescent brought an ambulance to the entrance of the illegal settlement where they were given the boy, untreated. The boy’s grandfather said that his grandson’s flesh near his ankle was open, his leg wobbly, and black flesh showed from the boy’s yet untreated injury. The Red Crescent immediately took the boy to the nearest hospital in Nablus: Rafedia hospital 30-45 minutes away. 
When solidarity activists saw the boy, his entire right leg was wrapped in a cast. Later he described that he was sitting on his land which is close to an illegal Israeli settlement bordering Qaryut and famous for attacks such as olive tree torching. Settlers shot at him and he ran from the shots. When he fell, the settlers beat him and were going to kill him, but soldiers arrived and told the settlers could not. Afterwards, the soldiers also shouted at the boy with guns pointed at him.
The boy may undergo surgery for his broken bones.
Just two days before this attack, Qaryut faced an olive tree torching attack from another nearby illegal Israeli settlement and the village has a history of well-documented settler attacks on its land.  In addition, Israeli military have closed a Qaryut road to Nablus and Ramallah for Palestinian use as the road is not far from illegal Israeli settlements on Qaryut land. Currently, 15 mostly young Qaryut men have been arrested for activism in peaceful demonstrations against the key road’s closure.

The simple truth is that that boy and his friend attempted to infiltrate the HaYovel neighborhood of Eli.

The alert system caused soldiers to begin scouting the area, which is not far from Qaryut.  Seeing that they were about to be discovered, they two fled.  One managed to escape while the other fell while descending the terraced hillside and severely fractured his leg.

He lay there for at least 20 minutes, undiscovered.

Once he was spotted, the first concern was that he had a bomb on his body and you can observe them approaching him with extreme caution.  His injury was not immediately apparent until the soldiers drew close.

They did not torture him. 

They did call an ambulance which, after a complicated extraction off the slope, transferred him to a Red Crescent ambulance with due haste.

All the rest is lies, fabrications.

Again,, the Pals. or the ISMers, perhaps, engaged in a Pallywood production.

Worse, as I suspect, they sent the kids off of a mission so they could film perhaps a real death and thus create a martyr.

These people are dangerous - dangerous to Arab children.


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