Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shlomi the Schlemiel

Here is Shlomi Eldar on the A-Durrah report:

I am not arguing that there was no need to investigate the killing of the 12-year-old boy who became a symbol of the second intifada. The problem is the timing. It should not be done now, 13 years later. The narrative has already been etched into the Palestinian national consciousness, and nothing can change that, not even the conclusions of an official Israeli investigative committee. And it certainly does not help that its conclusions are based on meager findings derived from a video shot by the France 2 TV network.

Such an intelligent, cogent and thoughtful piece of insight.

Nahman Shai:

Now the international media, including France 2, will need to revisit its conduct. It will need to ask whether it examined and presented the story according to professional standards and whether it provided suitable room for questions and doubts. And, if it accepts the Israeli narrative, will it be prepared to admit its mistake? This is how wars over public perception are fought.

Yaakov Ahimeir:

The report, however, needs to spark deep introspection: Why has it taken 13 years to compile? Why has so much time passed since that image was broadcast across the globe until the inquiry commission's conclusions were finally released?  


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