Saturday, April 20, 2013

What Did Obama Say?

Remember when President Obama said, 

That’s why a bomb can’t beat us. That’s why we don’t hunker down. That’s why we don’t cower in fear. We carry on. We race. We strive. We build, and we work, and we love—...we come together to celebrate life, and to walk our cities, and to cheer for our teams.

And as John Cassidy pointed out:

Not on Friday, we didn’t. The Rex Sox and Bruins games were cancelled. Bostonians didn’t carry on. They stayed at home, if not “cowering” then at least “sheltering.” They couldn’t even go to church and pray for divine intervention. Most religious services had been cancelled, too. 

and added:

I heard that the authorities...had stopped the trains running between New York and Boston...airspace over Boston was closed...Even buses were halted...the streets of the leafy suburb overrunning with enough armed police, federal agents, and national guards to invade a small country...[but] Governor Deval Patrick... order[ed] nearly a million people in the Boston area to abandon their regular lives for a day and stay indoors, or, as the official order put it, “shelter indoors.” Those who didn’t hear about the edict quickly discovered something was up when they ventured outside. Almost the entire city was abandoned. Offices, stores, and gas stations were all closed.

Israel gets good marks:

I’d bet the American people, if given the opportunity, are as capable as the Israelis and the Brits of withstanding the occasional deadly attack by extremist groups or individuals,


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