Friday, April 12, 2013

The Next-Door Festival

At Turmos Aya, there's a Festival (in addition to the other one):

Turmus'ayya welcomes you in the first Spring Festival ...... Your participation in support of the Palestinian farms and confronting settlement

The schedule:*

From a news item (via Google-translation +):-

...the Preparatory Committee has launched the first Spring Festival in 2013 and the festival will be held on the territory of the Turmus'ayya (east of Ramallah)Members of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement, Mahmoud Aloul, Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh's Laila Ghannam, and member of the Preparatory Committee for the Festival Secretary Shomann were at the conference, where Aloul said: the festival aims to shed light on the territory of the region and its support in light of targeting these lands by the occupier and the Shiloh settlement.He added that the festival will last events of cultural events, heritage and sports in addition to exhibitions and cultural activities designed to protect cultivation of Palestinian land and property, calling on everyone to actively participate and support the activities of this festival.
Dr. Laila Ghannam confirmed that there is another message of the festival comes in the context of creativity and challenge the occupation attempts to discourage the resolve of the Palestinian people, and threatening its existence and settlement in the land.Ghannam also welcomed efforts by all the parties participating in the festival for the protection of the earth, and its defense, stressing that the establishment of this festival would lead to defend and maintain land in light of the risks to the fierce attack.Shomann said that in light of the continued onslaught aimed at the Judaization of the Israeli government has occupied and taken over, especially in areas east of Ramallah, a festival had to be organized to assert the right of the Palestinian people land in defense of the existence and the Palestinian entity before occupied.


They are making very, very loud speeches, some in strident tones.  Also seems to be a theatrical recital-type program.

Pictures from our hill:

The events include:
songs, children's play on settlements and uprooted trees, music, hikes in the area, sports events (soccer, volleyball, tennis, chess and horse riding), athletic competitions, and tree-planting.  At 5 on the 14th, literary discussion.


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