Sunday, April 21, 2013

How Was Israel Involved in the Boston Terror Operation?


Simple (guffaw):-

Israeli-riddled FBI uses proxy information to blame Muslims for Boston terror

...American's trust in Homeland Security, and even the FBI, has been severely tarnished.  The long series of FBI manufactured terrorists operations organized from beginning to end using proxy informants who brought them easily influence people on the fringe of the Muslim community is a scandal. This includes a court system who put a stamp of approval on process.

The FBI is now held in contempt by much of the American counter intelligence community as wasting their counter terrorism budget by using these stings to justify their budget. The FBI know hows deeply Israeli Intelligence has infiltrated America's institutions. This wasted phoney sting funding could have been used to begin rolling back the systemic threat of Israeli terrorism in America. But alas, the FBI has shown it does not have the stomach for that.

...former director Michael Chertoff's airport scanners which were also a failure...and from an Israeli contractor I might add.

Then came the Fusion Centers who joined the waste fraud when they began finding phoney terrorists, like veterans, in an attempt to continue justifying their paychecks. The 500,000 stored plastic coffins rattled a lot of people as did the huge amounts of hollow point bullets and 2700 armored vehicles.

But as I mention in my April 18th Viewpoints, added to the above mentioned horrors, most American were not aware that Chertoff set Israeli contractors up to be the opposing forces in DHS security drills. This put them in a perfect position to learn how to penetrate our security, and they do.

Since Sunday's bombing the DHS security contractors from the Craft Group were front and center in many of the finish line are photos, but always in the right place at the wrong time. Because they all wore the same clothing they were easy to spot, and were obviously working crowd security on the street.

One pair Craft people in particular was spotted on station about fifteen to twenty feet left of where the first bomb went off. They obviously did not intercept it, but did manage to cross the street in time to suffer no injuries.

Further photos show their satellite communication van pulling up and their whole team gathering around working their phones, talking shop, and not lifting a finger to assist in any of the victim triage or evacuation. In fact they acted like the bombing had nothing to do with their work there, after it had happened anyway.

But there was on small problem. One photo clearly showed a large fragment of the first bomb bag which matched the Craft backpacks perfectly. This was so obvious we all awaited what corporate media would report, and that turned out to be nothing.

The Craft contractors were completely censored out of their coverage despite their critical positions on Sunday and strange nonchalant behavior and failure to stop the bombs being dropped right under their noses. Anyone planning to use these guys for security, be sure to ask for a big discount.

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