Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1800 versus 700

(thanks to LLA)

Saudi Arabia builds giant fence

Saudi Arabia is building a giant border fence to seal off its troubled frontier with Yemen, Saudi border authorities have told the BBC.  The 1,800km (1,100-mile) fence [Israel's security fence is approximately 700 kilometres (430 mi)] is set to run from the Red Sea coast in the west to the edge of Oman in the east...Border security has dramatically worsened in the aftermath of the revolution, as thousands of illegal immigrants, drug smugglers and gun runners try to slip from impoverished Yemen into Saudi Arabia...Five Saudi border guards had recently been killed along the border in shoot-outs with well-armed smugglers, he added.
Besides their fence being way longer, many hundreds of Israelis were murdered by infiltrators, suicide-bombers, etc.  Saudia Arabia has no similar loss of life.


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