Thursday, April 18, 2013

What Are Sacred Sites For in Jerusalem?

What Muslims would do in a sacred site:

Temple Mount Terrorists Indicted

An indictment against five Arab terrorists from

Jerusalem was submitted Thursday to the District Court. The five conspired in February to shoot and murder Jewish worshippers on the Temple Mount as well as police officers in East Jerusalem, in addition to intending to kidnap and murder a Jewish hitchhiker. They obtained arms from Hamas and PLO, and were unsuccessful in carrying out their plans.


The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office on Thursday submitted an indictment to the Jerusalem District Court against five east Jerusalem Palestinians for conspiring to carry out shooting and kidnapping attacks against Jews praying on the Temple Mount and security forces posted in east Jerusalem.

According to the indictment, defendant Nor Hamdan decided in February 2013 to carry out shooting attacks on Jews who came to the Temple Mount to pray and against security forces in east Jerusalem.

To accomplish this, Hamdan allegedly recruited the other four defendants and others to form a terror cell. Hamdan made contact with several terror organizations both in the West Bank and Gaza to receive training, guidance and weaponry, said the indictment.


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