Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Official Parliamentary Temple Mount Visit

In 1986, I participated in a visit to the Temple Mount with the Knesset Interior Committee, chaired by the late Dov Shilanksy.

And this year:-
MK Miri Regev to tour Jerusalem's Temple Mount to examine resumption of Jewish prayer
'I do not understand why a Jew is not allowed to pray in the most sacred place for him,' says the Likud MK, who will visit the volatile spot to see if Jews can gain access for prayer there.

MK Miri Regev, the newly elected chair of the Knesset Interior and Environment Committee, wasted no time after her appointment on Wednesday to make an inflammatory announcement: She will visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and examine the possibility of securing the return of Jewish prayer at the red-hot site.

Regev, who was officially selected as committee head on Wednesday morning, said just after the appointment, "I don't understand why a Jew is not allowed to pray in the most sacred place for him - the Temple Mount."

...Regev added that she intends to make the issue of prayer arrangements at the Western Wall one of the aims of the committee and considers the topic to be one of her new responsibilities.  In response, MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu) said, "We definitely should be allowed to visit the Temple Mount." He expressed great indignation that even today as an MK, he is prohibited from entering the Temple Mount.

A visit from an Israeli politician to the Temple Mount is regarded as an inflammatory act...

Progress comes surely if slowly.


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