Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear Professor Sternhell...

Excerpts from an op-ed by Netanel Elyashiv that appeared in Maariv:

 The theme:

Professor Zeev Sternhell accuses the environment of the "Jewish terrorist" for Jack Teitel actions. His own contribution violence he ignores.

...At the sentencing, Sternhell could not resist, and he said, predictably to those who follow the man, that Teitel is "a product of his environment." Since I live within two miles Teitel, I understand that I fulfilled the definition of "own environment" and therefore finds it necessary to respond to the comments of Sternhell.
...So let's put it on the table: There is a serious problem of violence and violation of the law on the fringe right. I wrote about this more than once...I have never expressed support for violence, not against Jews or Arabs, I can't understand it. Unfortunately, you can not say that about Zeev Sternhell, who previously wrote "many in Israel have no doubt the legitimacy of armed resistance in the territories ", that is, my murder is legitimized. Last week Amira Hass joined the camp encouraging violence and terrorism...
I call on Sternell: Instead of taking advantage of this jail sentence to generalize and to incite, use it to shake off the implicit support what you say violence and terror, the PA ". So that we can continue our discussion of humanity, honesty and mutual respect, so isolate the extremists, right and left, threatening to drown us in a sea of ​​hatred.


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Anonymous said...

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