Thursday, April 11, 2013

Arab Propaganda Lie #5,688 Or So

In New York, they remembered Deir Yassin in 2008.

In the Salam Lutheran Church in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Eitan Bronstein, Director of the Israeli organization Zochrot, was there.

Muhammad Jaradat, a co-founder of the Bethlehem-based Badil Resource Center (Badil in Arabic means “alternative”), spoke about the importance of the right of return of Palestinian refugees and the need for one secular, democratic state for all Israelis and Palestinians as a prerequisite for peace.

Jaradat argued against a state only for Jews, as Israel defines itself, saying, “For me the secular state and separation of religion and state is a human achievement and no one should compromise that achievement.”

Israel is not "a state only for Jews" and it does not define itself as such.  By law, it is defined so, that the State of Israel exists:

as the state of the Jewish people

That definition does not per se exclude Arabs or anyone else not Jewish from being a citizen of the state, being elected, owning property or holding a passport.


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Anonymous said...

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