Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Joel Greenberg: Alleged Journalist

Here's the headline and lead-in of Greenberg's report on the murder of a civilian, Jewish, today:-

West Bank settler, Gaza militant killed in By Joel Greenberg,

Apr 30, 2013
The Washington Post
JERUSALEM — A Palestinian stabbed a Jewish settler to death in the West Bank on Tuesday — the first fatal attack on an Israeli there in more than a year — and the killing triggered retaliatory violence in both the West Bank and Jerusalem, a police spokesman said.  In the Gaza Strip, an Israeli airstrike killed an Islamist militant who allegedly was involved in the recent firing of rockets from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula toward the southern Israeli city of Eilat.

a) why not "West Bank Jew" already?  why the "settler"? 
b) the Pal. who murdered the Jew was not a "militant", like the Gazab? 

c) the Gaza "militant" was only "allegedly" involved?


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