Friday, April 19, 2013

And The News From Turkey Is ... Cloning?

And now, this Turkish development:

But Oktar’s cult went further than pseudo science and religious dogma accusations of sexual abuse by Oktar and his members of his group are now commonplace. In the late 1980s, according to one former follower,
“Adnan Hodja [Oktar] repudiated all oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of Muhammad (hadith) and decided that the Koran would be the only point of reference ... Henceforth, he reduced the five daily prayers to three, and he dropped the veiling of women.” 

By the early 1990s, Oktar’s group was rigidly hierarchical and all sexual relations were controlled by Oktar. One recent defector from Oktar’s group has recounted, “There were sisters (bacilar), concubines (cariyeler) and brothers (kardesler). The brothers were allowed to marry the concubines, while the sisters were all married.
...Turkish model Ebru Şimşek, who says she is a former devotee of Oktar, has spoken out publicly against him and the ‘cult’, claiming she had refused Oktar's sexual advances...In response, Oktar filed an Oktar claimed he was innocent as the intercourse was consensual. He insisted that the sexual practises were religiously permissible under Islam because he and his followers did not have a 'real sexual intercourse with these girls'. Rather, Oktar claimed, he and his followers only engaged in 'anal and oral' sex because according to Koran these acts are not impermissible outside of marriage. According to Oktar’s interpretation: 'vaginal' intercourse was 'haram' but 'anal and oral intercourse' was 'halal'...

So, he did not have sex with those women?

Oh, some of the women associated with the man:-

He may be anti-evolutionist but he may be into cloning? 



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