Sunday, September 16, 2012

Your Jewish Body Academically Dissected

Here is an "Upcoming Event" that may interest you, or your Jewish body, the Inaugural Jewish Studies Conference for Graduate Students:-

"Jews in Image and Imagination: Jewish Body, Gender, and Sexuality in Representation", to take place  February 7-8, 2013 with Keynote Speaker: Charlotte E. Fonrobert, Stanford University.

What's it about?

The  inaugural conference...will explore the representational relationship between Jews and sexuality, Jews and gender, Jews and physicality, and Jews and the body.  How have Jews imagined themselves throughout history and how do they imagine themselves today?  Or, how do others imagine Jews or even “the Jew”? Appropriate proposals might explore such topics as the new Israeli masculinity in Hebrew literature,  the figuring of queer Jews in  film, Jews on stage, representations of Jews in the medical profession, medicine’s treatment of Jews, or Jews in athletics...

Do I have to be a Jewish feminist to be...anxious - or excited - about this?


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