Monday, September 24, 2012

The Lesson Learned

Rightly or wrongly, Migron was brought down, literally, because the court would not accept their claim to land ownership.

I still do not know exactly what parcels were purchased by Migron, what parcels were perhaps land awarded to the Arabs gratis - and therefore, the Jordanian occupation being illegal, there was no true ownership transferred, especially as their was no land development - or if the Arabs had falsified their documentation or whether Migron was 100% in the wrong on this matter.

In any case, I hope that all will be extra careful in the future and the fact that the Hebron purchase eventually was recognized is a sign that not all is corrupt despite the inexcusable actions of the Defense Ministry at the time and the continuing efforts of evil forces from within the judicial and legal frameworks of the Civil Administration of the Ministry of Justice.

In any case, here's an ad for the new Meromei Elkanah project and I have pointed out the clarification which reads:

The project has full legal accompaniment from the offices of lawyer of notary Elhanan Vinitzky and advice from Avraham Shvut.

I trust all will go well.


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