Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jewish and Blacks

A new movie:

A film about a Jewish man’s sexual obsession with black women is set to receive one of the biggest movie premieres in the history of Dutch cinematography. The feature film Alleen maar Nette Mensen ("Only Decent People") will premiere on Oct. 10...Robert Vuijsje [is] the Jewish author of the bestseller novel upon which the film was based...The [controversial] book, published in 2008, is about 21-year-old David Samuels’ exasperation with his affluent Jewish family and friends in Amsterdam. It then follows his quest in the U.S. and elsewhere for a black lover who is both “authentic” and intellectual....


The trailer* is here but it's for adults, as you could have presumed:

From a review:

Most black viewers find the trailer offensive, but most white viewers see no harm in it, some even think the film can serve as a dialog on the way black people are portrayed in the Netherlands. Based on the trailer, the film looks like a typical Dutch film, lots of shouting and at least one off topic explicit scene.

* from an English translation
Text: David Samuels is nice Jewish guy
At the table with his parents: Parents: How long are you together? Girlfriend: Seven years and 3 months.
Text: With a kind mother
In the room with the dishes: Mother: We begin with the Gefilte fiish [Jewish] and the herring bon bon. Everyone may just take one of each.
Text: And nice girlfriend. But he really wants something else ...
David on the street: David: Latetly I look at a totally different kind of women. "Hello beautiful ".
Old man at table says: "African Ladies, is that your field of interest".
At the table with two black men: David: The more darker she is, the closest she is to nature.
At the table with his parents: David: I am in love. Mother: with whom if I may ask? David: with Rowanda Father: Is that a Dutch name?
Changing scene Rowanda and parents: David: she 23 and has two kids.
At Rowanda's home: David: We eat on the couch. Mother: on the couch?
Group black guys: Black man: Now you are going to tell me that Rowando is your only chick.
David: Rowanda is my only chick.
Rowanda hits him: Rowanda: You know what you are, a gingerbread. A white man who hangs around to much with black people. You take over all the bad habits
Angry father: If your are going to ruin your life I will stop giving you money. You won't get anything from me...

We are oh-so intellectual.


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