Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An American President on Islamic Terror

No, not Barack Obama.

Thomas Jefferson.  And the Barbaty Pirates.

...As Jefferson wrote to Adams in a July 11, 1786, letter, "I acknolege [sic] I very early thought it would be best to effect a peace thro' the medium of war." Paying tribute will merely invite more demands, and even if a coalition proves workable, the only solution is a strong navy that can reach the pirates, Jefferson argued in an August 18, 1786, letter to James Monroe: "The states must see the rod; perhaps it must be felt by some one of them...

...Every national citizen must wish to see an effective instrument of coercion, and should fear to see it on any other element than the water. A naval force can never endanger our liberties, nor occasion bloodshed; a land force would do both."

"From what I learn from the temper of my countrymen and their tenaciousness of their money," Jefferson added in a December 26, 1786, letter to the president of Yale College, Ezra Stiles, "it will be more easy to raise ships and men to fight these pirates into reason, than money to bribe them."


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Sharon Katz said...

Thomas Jefferson was BRILLIANT - able to observe and understand the "waters" around him. He was courageous enough to go forward and do what had to be done to safeguard America's freedom.
Are there no more Thomas Jeffersons?