Friday, September 14, 2012

My Contribution to Peace and Coexistence

USAID/EU funding for courses in Cinema Appreciation.

Like this one, at Miami Dade:

An Analysis Of The Cinema As An Important Social Force And An Artistic Medium. Significant American, British, And Foreign Language Films Will Be Shown And Discussed. Prerequisite: Hum 1020. Fulfills Gordon Rule Writing Requirement. (2 Hr. Lecture; 2hr. Lab)

At The Guardian:

Designed for absolute beginners to budding cinephiles, the Guardian's film appreciation course will give its students a thorough grounding in all things film. A hundred years of cinema history, with its movements, masterpieces and occasional misfires, can be an intimidating landscape in which to try to discover which directors matter and with which classics any true film lover should be acquainted. The film appreciation course will be the perfect guide. Structured around the evolution of film and key works across a wide range of genres, the course will tell the story of cinema, mapping its progress from the earliest days of the silent movie to the present day. Hollywood will play a major role, as will every other film-making corner of the world. The course will leave its students with a wealth of great films to investigate and the analytical tools required to "read" them. Featuring both seminars and screenings,


The Annual Summer Course in Film Appreciation held at Pune is primarily designed to meet the needs of teachers interested in introducing film study activities in educational institutions but would also be useful for film society organisers, film critics, journalists, film researchers, Govt. officials handling films and others interested in film studies.  The curriculum includes theoretical and practical study of the art and history of film and the development of cinema as a medium of art and communication. Film classics both Indian and International will be used for critical analysis and study.

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