Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quotable Words of Wisdom

From a comment on Zadie Smith and British leftists, relevant to the lib/prog critique of Zionism & Israel:-

...what worries me more is that she, who you would imagine is adept at social observation, doesn’t seem to have noticed that the Left has taken over from the Right when it comes to nastiness.

...The Left likes to pretend it is motivated by compassion, when it is actually fuelled by hatred...Demented by their hatred, indeed...I well remember being shown around Millbank, the Labour headquarters, during the 1997 election and seeing on a poster, handwritten in large letters, two motivational words: “HATE TORIES”. It must be exhausting being them. This tradition of hatred can be traced even further back to Aneurin Bevan, who described Conservatives as “lower than vermin”. And it isn’t just the leaders. Lily Allen summed up Left-wing attitudes to the Right in song: “We hate what you do and we hate your whole crew”. And what about the crowd who booed George Osborne at the Paralympics (and with him the Paralympian to whom he was presenting a medal)? Might they have been a bit Left-wing, too?



Anonymous said...

I am in disbelief, was it my imagination or did I Hallucinate the speech Mr. Spitzer gave praising Obama on his treatment of Israel. Mr. Spitzer you have been under the sheets with $5000 hookers for so long it seems the oxygen has been depleted from brain. has it ever ocurred to you that we have and ISLAMIC GARGOYLE in charge of the U.S. fully intending dismantle the Catholic Church and Kill all the Jews on this earth. Is it your intent to placate Israel and American Jews as they are being lead to the brink by a demented Islamic Jihadist cloaked as an American president. What are you going to do when he destroys America. You can't go to Israel they will not let treasonous rats in. If you attempt to enter other countrys woman will meet you at the airport and spit on you....calling you la kaka rocha. Why don't you and Clinton, since you both know a womans place is under your desk, meet up in Venezuala or some other country countrolled by Soro's. You know Spitzer I have always wanted to ask you a question, "did she spitsir".

Anonymous said...

The liberal press has accused Romney of missing his mark, shooting prematurely, not knowing where he was aiming as he remarked about the incident in Libya. I thought they were talking about Bill Clinton! As he secretly hid Monica under his desk while speaking with ambassadors from other country's, his wife Hilliary, and you know handling the difficult tasks of running a nation in to the ground. How could he have kept his aim? did he miss his mark occasionally? shooting prematurely was probably one of his most prominant traits. Bill with his shinanigans has turned his wife in to a skank. Have you seen her lately as she defends Islam on Obamas behalf. It seems the only people that will help our president in the taking down of Isreal are Skanks, with skumbag husbands. Msnbc should get Charly Rose and do a DNA test on that presidential desk. They could blame it on G.W., and somehow atribute it to Romneys remards about libya.