Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dear World: How Much Time Do You Think Israel's Has?



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Anonymous said...

Now I want to make something perfectly clear, again! Their is not a country a state a church or any religion or peoples safe on this earth if the annointed one is re-elected. His army is the jihadists, he fully intends to eliminate all of the above which will not bow to Islam. His first objective will be to annihilate the covenant peoples, that would be Israel and the Christians. He then will go after Russia, China, and any other countrys that will not yield to the caliphate. What you must understand about this process and what makes him so dangerous is that they don't care who they kill in the process including themselves. The end game is not to preserve civilizations but to kill as many people as fast as they can. Most people would fear Russia or China but the annointed one was born for these confrontations. He will force them to attack us knowing the loss of life will be considerable because their end game is to kill everyone who will not subrogate their nations to Islam. He would welcomb an attack by Russia, hopeing it would totally annihlate America, because in doing so he would have eliminated the Christian portions of the Abrahamic Covenants(those that came in with the blood of Christ). So in effect what you are dealing with is a madman that will act only in reprehensible actions... with no defining logic for his actions other that that of perpetrating Islam. If you intend to negotiate with him, reason with him, or make the mistake of taking him at his word you will endanger your country and people. Make no mistake he is a hound on the heels of anything on this earth that is not Islam.