Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not What Has Been Done But Is Believed To Have Been Done

I found some interesting material which relates to that problem Mitt Romney managed to stir up although since then, the issue of "culture" has developed a bit differently than the pro-Arab forces had wished.

Here are two excerpts from a book entitled "When We:Lived in Jerusalem" authored by Estelle Blyth, published in 1927 in London by John Murray.  Blyth (1881-1983) She was the daughter of the Anglican bishop in Jerusalem G. F. P. Blyth and she recounts memories of living in the city near the end of the Ottoman period.

First, an observation that is quite relevant to the recent "Muhammed riots":

And an example, an episode of "cultural dissonance":-

By the way,

All in all the Arabs come out as being (more or less) fine people, as do the Armenians. Pure-blooded Turks are magnificent, she says, but the Ottoman Empire is rightly denounced for never really improving Palestine. Her experiences with Jews lead her to unfavorable statements which some might judge as anti-Semitic.


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