Monday, September 24, 2012

On Givat Assaf

Last year, a rightist wrote that

Judge Miriam a more reasonable person and less of a schemer than Beinisch, explained [Yoac] Yitzchak, and [Minister of Justice Yaakov] Ne’eman believes he will be able to work more easily with her. She is also less of an enemy of the religious sector, he added. Her husband is Aryeh Naor, who served as Government Secretary under then Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

But now, read this (from the Hebrew):-

Supreme Court justices sharply criticized Sunday the conduct of the State Attorney's Office regarding the evacuation of several outposts in Judea and Samaria, which according to the prosecution were built on private Palestinian land. During the discussion on the state's progress in evacuating six outposts, the Supreme Court president, Asher Grunis and Justice Miriam Naor, attacked the state's pronouncements given to them on the evacuation, that the "essential data had been received" requiring the evacuation of the outpost of Givat Assaf near Beit El. And in another statement, the judges claimed, the state explained that the settlers now claim that outpost parts had been purchased.
"I read it three times and could not understand anything," said Naor. After the state representative, attorney Uri Keidar, elaborated on updates regarding the evacuation of other outposts, she noted that the court receives an update on the case only during the hearing. "Really, it's impossible to operate that way," an angry Justice Grunis said. "We need to see things in an orderly and detailed, unlike your recent declarations that are general and do not say anything."  The justice added: "You can not come to the hearing in such a way."

And echoes of Migron:

Today's discussion revealed that the settlers agreements were only of a certain percent from a section, when indeed, they may in fact the owners, but along with them there are other owners of land holding additional property percentage. In such a situation, the settlers have no real ownership. "So what is it worth?" aked Naor. Attorney Michael Sfard, who represents the "Peace Now", argued that even if there is a claim of purchase, then such situation the rest of the outpost can be evacuated.

Further revealed was that despite the ongoing debate on the matter, in Givat Assaf and other outposts 'illegal' construction continues. Ultimately, Grunis stopped the proceedings and asked that to the petition shall be attached the owner of the land...

The lesson still has to be learned?


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