Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Comment at the US Consulate Facebook

From the US Consulate "open letter' in Jerusalem's Arabic-language Al-Quds:

...In the United States believe in freedom of expression does not prevent any of our citizens to express their opinions, and must realize that with this freedom comes the responsibility, just as we must admit that the violence can not be accepted in response to this expression.
The United States is a nation found on the basis of religious tolerance and respect for religious beliefs. We consider these basic values ​​can not be separated from freedom. The United States is the most powerful because we are home to followers of all faiths, including millions of Muslims. We must not allow a small minority to provoke conflict between religions, nations or cultures. Thanks to our Palestinian friends who showed us that our friendship with them at this sad time are as strong as ever. We will always remember the good words and attitudes which we have our friends here and we will remember how supported us through our grief...

The comment I left at the Facebook entry of the Consulate:


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