Friday, May 27, 2011

An Ad Based on Simple Falsehood

Was directed (k/t = Copyranter) to this ad

Any theme, even the toughest to deal with or to understand, can be translated and explained through a graph. This is the concept that drives the new campaign created for the Millward Brown Brazil ad hoc research institute by the agency Young & Rubicam Brazil. The action, entitled Ethnics, counts on three print-media ads Muslim, Jewish and African and uses a clean and incisive language to give people a new look into controversial subjects and highlight the importance of the studies performed by the advertiser to eliminate preconceived ideas.

The first ad transforms a Muslim's veil into a sort of graph, which makes it clear that one should not generalize with regards to those that follow the religion. The piece Jewish brings a kippa as a graph and compares the proportion of the territory dominated by the Palestinians in comparison to the Jewish territory, in 1946 and presently...

...The creation was by Laura Esteves and Daniel Salles, under the creative direction of Rui Branquinho, Flávio Casarotti and Sérgio Fonseca.

The ad:

But the truth of the content, misrepresented propaganda, is here, and here.  And also here.

Clean?  Incisive?

A simple lie.


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