Tuesday, May 31, 2011

EU Supports De-Judeazation of Jerusalem?

First, the news, (k/t = Challah Hu Akbar)

EU Grants PA 6 Million Euros to Support Jerusalem

The EU granted 6 million euros to the Palestinian Authority (PA) Tuesday to support the development, cultural, educational, health, humanitarian and human rights sectors in Jerusalem.

Head of the President's office Hussein al-Araj signed the agreement with EU representative Christian Berger at the EU headquarters in Jerusalem.

...The plan, estimated at $428 million, was prepared with the involvement of the Jerusalem community and funding by the EU. Al-Araj hopes that this plan will receive Arab and Islamic support in order to face Israeli plans of judeaizing Jerusalem.

This funding will be implemented by Jerusalem organizations under the full auspices of the EU, with a high committee as an advisory body to ensure the project’s success.

Second, my thoughts:

Besides the fact that Israel will not permit these plans to be realized, thereby creating an opportunity for certain unethical persons to perhaps attempt to adscond with the mony, one way or another, there is another consideration which is that since the last time a major "cultural heritage" project was carried out in Jerusalem, by the Waqf which is a PA body (*), Jewish historical artifacts were purposely destroyed and scientific archaeological practices were violated.

Does the EU really have a reliable supervisory mechanism in place that would oversee the results of the EU's largesse?

And, is the EU really in cahoots with a plan to de-judeaize Jerusalem?

Is that what the EU supports?



Head of the Waqf, Muhammad Ahmad Hussein has been the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem since July 2006, when he was appointed by Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian National Authority


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