Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Someone Who Cares for the Temple Mount's Jewish Value Quotient


Michael Cherney's Fund Helps to Keep Jerusalem United

PRNewswire/ -- MCF is continuing in assisting various cultural, humanitarian and charitable projects that are so vital to Israel's advance. One of such projects is publication of a pamphlet by a non-profit, non-partisan organization "Keep Jerusalem" ( which is dedicated to educating people about the importance of a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty.

MCF, together with "Keep Jerusalem", feels that there is a great need to replace distortion of the realities with basic facts, which support Israel's right to sustain Jerusalem as her united capital.

One organization that enjoys continued assistance from MCF is "Meeting Place" and now it is expanding its network of training groups. The idea behind "Meeting Place" is gathering different Israelis - secular and religious, men and women - around classical Jewish texts...

Another activity that "Meeting Place" organizes is ascends [should be ascents] to the Temple Mount to hold Bar Mitzvah celebrations. With assistance from MCF and a large preliminary work and advertising, the idea for this is catching on. One such celebration of a bar-mitzvah took place for a Russian boy from the Zacharias family. The ascend was attended by more than 20 people, including six children of various ages, relatives from America as well as the crew from Channel 9 TV (Israel). Such ascends will help stimulate interest in the subject of Temple Mount for the wider secular Russian-speaking Israelis.

Now, that's a great idea.


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