Friday, May 20, 2011

Antisemites Have Something Else To Get Concerned About

JINSA points out that we should not ignore the fact that Obama, in his speech, pledged assistance to Egypt even before knowing what will transpire there. This is the most dangerous element of Obama's talk.

Here:- the extent that the United States is willing to help Egypt without knowing the extent of the Muslim Brotherhood's reach, we may be offering billions of dollars in aid to a government that will, by its nature, be at odds with us. To the extent that the United States has provided military assistance to Libya's "rebels" without knowing who they are (beyond knowing that some of them at least have been al Qaeda affiliated), we may be bombing a country on behalf of people who are, by nature, at odds with us. To the extent that the United States is offering a terrorist-controlled Hamas-Fatah partnership a country that makes our ally Israel indefensible, we may be creating a country that is, by nature, at odds with us.

We thought we could buy Pakistan into our orbit, but we may simply have provided the funds to build nuclear weapons that may fall into hands distinctly at odds with us.

It is a reckless approach to the Middle East to be throwing bombs, money and political support at countries that may end up well-armed and hostile to America's long-term interests while making life harder for our one solid, democratic friend - Israel.

So, all the antisemities, anti-zionists and all the other antis who visit here and complain about the US throwing money 'away' on Israel, well, now you have someone else to hate for purely financial reasons which have nothing to do with race, religion or culture.  Right?


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