Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rothschild Logic

Found here:-

The Green Line, a border that was pencilled on a map by the late Israeli politician Moshe Dayan in 1948, has acquired a talismanic status in some sections of Israeli society. Withdrawing to the pre-1967 borders is seen as some kind of magic bullet to peace. But it is ironic that those who draw comparisons between Israel’s policies in the occupied territories and the Apartheid era are also those who insist on separating Israelis and Arabs along ethnic lines that were drawn up by an eyepatch-adorned general 63 years ago.

Nathalie Rothschild is an international correspondent for spiked. Visit her personal website here.

Consider, too, that the ethnic cleansing of a population in Mandate Palestine was more done to Jews by Arabs between 1920-1948: Tel Chai, Hulda, Hebron, Jenin, Shchem, Gaza, Jerusalem's Old City Jewish Quarter, Atarot, Neveh Yaakov, Beit HaArava, etc.


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