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Remember the PLO?

The Palestine Liberation Organization.

They haven't forgotton:

Establishment of the Palestine Liberation Organization (1964) تأسيس منظمة التحرير الفلسطينية م,ت.ف

Thursday, 02 June 2011

What's there to remember?

This: 1964 the Palestine National Council convened in Jerusalem mainly at the behest of Arab leaders and moved to establish the Palestine Liberation Organization. The mandate given the PLO by the PNC, a Palestinian parliamentary body), was to mobilize the Palestinian people for the eventual liberation of the land of Palestine. So, whereas the PLO received official Arab backing, Fatah’s relations with Arab governments remained on the whole antagonistic and its operations had to be clandestinely carried out.

As a result of the Arab official stamp conferred on the PLO, two divergent and often competing political efforts crystallized in the 1960’s. The first consisted of the PLO, which moved above ground and coordinated closely with Arab regimes; the second was populist and secretive, operating mostly underground in a more activist and radical fashion. Despite the lack of support from the underground nationalist movement, the PLO was nevertheless gaining legitimacy in the eyes of many Palestinians. While the radical underground current known collectively as the Palestinian Resistance movement, or simply the Resistance, operated independently of the PLO, the latter was now cultivating Palestinian support through more conventional means in the form of occupational, social, and health service organizations...

"Radical"?  Try this elaboration:- 1959, [Arafat] and some friends founded al-Fatah, a cluster of secret cells that would carry out attacks on the enemies of Palestine, and began to publish a magazine advocating an armed conflict with Israel. Fatah forged a two-part battle plan: establishment of an independent Palestine and destruction of the state of Israel.  By 1964, cells were established in Jordan and had launched raids into Israel. It was at that time that Arafat established the PLO and included other groups of Arabs willing to support his effort.

The first target of Fatah, in 1965, was an Israeli water pump station. The attempt to blow it up was unsuccessful.

Let's get more specific on the timeline:-


Jan. 13: First Arab Summit Conference held in Cairo.
March 17: First Palestinian delegation, Yasser Arafat and Khalil el-Wazir to China, confers with Premier Chou-En-Lai.
May 28: The First Palestinian National Council (PNC) meets in Jerusalem.
June 2: Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) founded.
Aug. 9: The first Executive Committee of the PLO formed of 14 members.
Sept. 5-11: The second Arab Summit meets in Cairo and "Welcomed the establishment of the PLO as the basis of the Palestinian entity and as a pioneer in the collective Arab struggle for the Liberation of Filastin."

Jan. 1: First military operation of Fatah in Palestine.

Terror?  In January 1965?  Here:-

The PLO was founded in Kuwait in October 1959 by five young Palestinians, headed by Yasser Arafat (Abu Amar), 30; his deputy Khalil al Wazir (Abu Jihad), 24; Salah Khalaf (Abu Iyad), 24; Farouk al Kaddoumi (Abu al-Lutf), 28 and Khaled el Hassan (Abu Said), 31.  Afterwards, more young Palestinians from Qatar joined the PLO; the most notorious of whom were Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), Abu Yussef el- Najar and Kamal Adwan...The PLO was in control of the Palestinian arena and most importantly, it represented Palestinian people in the international community for 47 years...

...The PLO’s first military terror operation took place on January 1, 1965. An employee of Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Corporation detected a small explosive device hidden in an open canal of to the National Water Carrier of Israel. The plan was to blow up the Nehusha Water Institute near the city of Beit Shemesh. This first act marks PLO Day ever since, even though a much more horrific act was carried out six days later by a squad of six men, among them Mahmoud Hijazi. Subsequently, Hijazi was wounded, caught and sentenced to death by a military court, but was returned to Lebanon in a POW swap.

And on July 5, 1965:

A Fatah cell plants explosives at Mitzpe Massua, near Beit Guvrin; and on the railroad tracks to Jerusalem near Kafr Battir

Some other pre-1967 terror PLO acts:
May 31, 1965 - Terrorists fired on the neighborhood of Musrara in Jerusalem, killing two civilians and wounding four.

Jun 01, 1965 - Terrorists attack a house in Kibbutz Yiftach.

Jul 05, 1965 - A Fatah terrorism cell planted explosives at Mitzpe Massua, near Beit Guvrin; and on the railroad tracks to Jerusalem near Kafr Battir.

Aug 26, 1965 - A waterline was sabotaged by terrorists at Kibbutz Manara, in the Upper Galilee.

Sep 29, 1965 - A terrorist was killed as he attempted to attack Moshav Amatzia.

Nov 7, 1965 - A Fatah terrorist cell that infiltrated from Jordan blew up a house in Moshav Givat Yeshayahu, south of Beit Shemesh. The house was destroyed, but the inhabitants were miraculously unhurt.

Apr 25, 1966 - Explosions placed by terrorists wounded two civilians and damaged three houses in Moshav Beit Yosef, in the Beit Shean Valley.

May 16, 1966 - Two Israelis were killed when their jeep hit a terrorist landmine, north of the Sea of Galilee and south of Almagor. Tracks led into Syria.

Jul 13, 1966 - Two soldiers and a civilian were killed near Almagor, when their truck struck a terrorist landmine.

Jul 14, 1966 - Terrorists attacked a house in Kfar Yuval, in the North.

Jul 19, 1966 - Terrorists infiltrated into Moshav Margaliot on the northern border and planted nine explosive charges.

Oct 27, 1966 - A civilian was wounded by a terrorist bomb on the railroad tracks to Jerusalem.

Jan 14, 1967 - Terrorists laid a land mine that at a soccer game, which exploded killing 1 and injuring 2.

Yes, we remember.

We remember that at that time there was no "occupation" and no "settlements". So, what was the justification for these acts of death and damage?

Think about that.


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