Thursday, May 26, 2011

Write to Gershon Baskin

Here are excerpts from Gerson Baskin's letter begging for funds to continue to besmirch Israel.  His address is at the end, write to him and inform him whether you'll be contributing or you might ask him how come there are so many other groups doing his work and who needs him?

Dear Friends of IPCRI

...-The financial situation for the entire peace community in Israel and Palestine is become increasingly difficult. Traditional supporters such as European governments and Foundations are being frightened away from funding these activities because of the aggressive work of groups like Im Tirtzu which try to intimidate organizations such as the New Israel Fund and its supporters, and from the intellectual terrorism of the NGO Monitor which frightens donors to shy away and even completely cease the funding of Israeli and Palestinian peace and human rights NGOs.
We have become increasingly dependent on the support of individuals like you.

...With the Netanyahu Congressional speech and the subsequent Palestinian decision...the Palestinian streets are bubbling with actions and plans, particularly amongst the young people to bring the philosophy of Tahrir square from Egypt into every town and city of Palestine. The young people are not interested in the UN nor about two states. The main thing that they want is to end the occupation.

The chances of violence emerging from the popular uprising that is being talked about are great. Our proposal for trying to mitigate the possibilities of violence is through the framework of coordination that we established which we call GSTAT - Grassroots Strategic Thinking and Analysis Team composed of key representatives of the grassroots movements in Palestine and Israel.

...We hope that you will be able to join with us and offer your support for effort...send a check to:

The Friends of IPCRI
12675 Coral Lakes Drive
Boynton Beach, Fl 33437
United States of America
PO Box 9321
Jerusalem, 91092

So, what'll be?


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