Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bolton's Opinion on Netanyahu & Obama

3 Things for Obama's Opponents to Do Now That Netanyahu Has Created a New Israeli-Palestinian Dynamic

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s unambiguous rejection of Barack Obama’s latest fantasy about the Middle East has potentially created a significant new political dynamic in the United States. By graciously but comprehensively rebutting Obama’s entire view of Arab-Israeli reality, first in the Oval Office, then before a joint meeting of Congress, Netanyahu has also exposed broader flaws in Obama’s worldview.

...Several observers noted correctly that Obama’s speech “could have been worse,” which is unquestionably true [but] since Obama remains president for two more years, what should opponents of his misguided policies do to capitalize on the new dynamic Netanyahu has created?

First, members of Congress must build on Netanyahu's Joint Meeting appearance through hearings, speeches, and House and Senate resolutions that Israel’s U.S. support remains broad and deep on Capitol Hill, even as it recedes almost to invisibility in the White House...This vigorous public approach may trouble the president’s political supporters, but their reluctance to speak up is a major factor underlying Obama’s evident belief he can muscle Israel without suffering domestic political damage.

...Second, there must be greater U.S. and Israeli focus and determination to reckon with Iran’s high and rising global threat...

Third, turmoil in the Middle East is also increasingly problematic...The peace agreement between the Hamas terrorists and Fatah, brokered by the post-Mubarak government in Egypt, marks the effective end of any realistic peace process between Israel and the Palestinians for the foreseeable future.

Obama has not yet grasped this reality, nor does he seem to understand that the Syrian dictatorship and Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorists remain Iranian pawns, threats both to Israel and to the United States.

(k/t = AtlasShrugs)


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Anonymous said...

Mr Potato Head, Alan "white phosphorous " Dershowitz and Benny Morris. All yesterday's men who have nothing to say to 2011. They had their day in 2003 when they got the invasion of Iraq and look how well that turned out.

YESHA is a white elephant that is about to be abandoned by history. 44 years of life based on dud analysis. Where will you move to?