Sunday, May 22, 2011

Obama's Speech's Real Meaning

David Horowitz:-

To proclaim that the borders of a Palestinian state must be drawn according to the 1967 lines, ignoring all the issues that should be negotiated on the way to two secure states and ignoring that Israel will someday have to defend these borders from Palestinian hatred, tells two lies at once: that the Palestinians have been sincerely searching for peace, and that Israel is the problem.


Andrew McCarthy:

For the first time in history, an American president explicitly called for a settlement of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict premised on the 1967 borders — i.e., the 1949 armistice line, the tenuous state of play before Israel captured the West Bank (actually, Judea and Samaria), the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights in the Arab war of aggression to destroy the Jewish state. To be sure, Obama said that there would also have to be territorial “swaps” to satisfy security concerns. This caveat, though, is cold comfort for Israel, America’s only true ally in the region.

...Bear in mind that what are called the “1967 borders” were never agreed-upon national boundaries. The Jewish claim on Judea and Samaria has roots in antiquity. This fact was intentionally obfuscated by Obama’s earlier suggestion in Cairo that Israel’s creation was an ill-conceived payback for the Holocaust, as it is by the convention of referring to Judea and Samaria as “the West Bank,” the name Jordan gave them when it seized and occupied them at the conclusion of Israel’s war of independence. The Arabs, of course, never created a Palestinian state when it was within their power to do so. Thus, the final disposition of this territory has never been resolved. It is a subject for negotiations, not predetermined Palestinian sovereignty.



Anonymous said...

I am an American citizen and I am so ashamed of our President. His pride goes before him....his fall is next. I love Israel and I bless Israel. I pray Israel prosper in all things. You will never again be humiliated..God will see to it. I read it in Zephaniah and it is timely for what is happening now. Israel is safe...I am confident, it is America that has to worry. Our President is trying to divide Israel for a feather in his miserable cap. He has in as much cursed Israel which means...America will pay the price for his arrogance. Please accept my sincerity when I say, "for give us.

YMedad said...

It's not a matter of forgiveness. I would hope that good Americans take political action as is their democratic right to alter things through pressure and election results.