Friday, June 06, 2008

What Exactly Did Abbas Say

Responding to BObama's AIPAC statement, which he backtracked on already, Palestinian Authority President MAbbas told reporters:

We will not accept a Palestinian independent state without Jerusalem as the capital of the state. Commenting on the statements of the Democrats Candidate for the US Presidential Elections Obama who said that Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, President Abbas said: This is totally rejected and Jerusalem is one of the six items on our agenda in the negotiations and the entire world knows very well that East Jerusalem, Arab Jerusalem, al-Quds al-Shareef, was occupied in 1967.

So, whereas Arabs & Lefties got upset over the "undivided" element of the statement, Abbas takes it one step further, there is something called "Arab Jerusalem", as distinct from "Jerusalem".

But we all know, starting in the 1947 UN Resolution which Abbas otherwise supports, there there never was an Arab Jerusalem but only Jerusalem, undivided. If any dividing was done, it was when Abdallah tried to take away its eastern neighborhoods in 1948. The Arabs, and that includes those who call themselves Palestinians, championed a divided city. Israel, in 1967, only reunited it. It was only divided for 19 years out of some 3000 as a city.

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