Monday, June 16, 2008

Lame Livni

TIME has a story on Tzipy Livni.

An extract:-

When she finally took the plunge, it was to help shape the terms of the exchange. "Tzipi said she'd prefer to be the negotiator than let someone else do it and give it all away," says Eran Cohen, her former political adviser.

Voted into the Knesset in 1999, she became a loyal supporter of Ariel Sharon, leader of the right-wing Likud Party; when he created the more centrist Kadima, she followed. In six years, Sharon named her to seven different ministerial posts. Along the way, she broke with her parents' Zionist views; friends say she'd rather have a peaceful Israel to bequeath to her children. Livni also rejects the Likud Party's vision of an Israel encompassing both banks of the Jordan River. "In order for us to be a democratic and a Jewish state, in the long run, we'll have to give away some of the land," she says.

She's contradicting herself.

First, she's giving it all away.

Second, Israel is not getting peace and certainly not security.

Third, the real demographic problem that exists is whether Israel's Arab population wants to be Israeli or a bridgehead to turning Israel into Palestine peacefully.

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