Friday, June 13, 2008

Do We Call This Hypocrisy?

The Left here in Israel, among its many complaints, has pointed out that, on occasion, maps printed either by nationalist groups or even the government, have ignored the geographical presence of Arabs on those maps.

In most cases that I recall, the complaint is just that - really unsubstantiated. Usually, the maps are for a sepcific purpose - to show the way or to highlight Jewish population growth or some such other instance.

For example, here's a map that could be complained about:

All of Israel and most of Samaria are empty of any villages or towns, Jewish or othwerwise.

But, of course, that's because the map wants to highlight Ariel, to highlight it as a "settlement".


Because its a Peace Now map, published as part of an ad in Haaretz on June 4th.

Here's the bottom portion of it:

Because it's a Peace Now ad against President Shimon Peres visiting the town and it reads:

"Mr. Peres, you've taken a wrong turn. Ariel is a 'settlement'."

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