Thursday, June 05, 2008

Charley, But What Is "True"?

A very good pal, Charley Levine, has an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post today.

It relates a wonderful story about Ehud Olmert and I have no reason to doubt a word of it. I, too, know Ehud from way back.

I do, however, ask Charley to reflect on the logic of his last words there:-

Such episodes may not be the preferred subject of inquiry for investigators or newsmen, but they certainly do speak well to the true character of a leader under unprecedented fire.

Even without have any doubts as to whether Ehud took money illegally - after all, he did admit to receiving fund from Talansky andthey don't appear in any filed reports - logic dictates that either that trip was in character or out of character, so what is "true" about his charcater? We learn nothing except during those 36 hours in 1994, he was wonderful.

Yes, his behavior does "speak well" but, again, let's wait for the trial to know his "true" character.

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