Sunday, June 15, 2008

Condi's Thinking

QUESTION: Can you respond to the -- Israel’s announcement yesterday, I believe, of a new 1,300 home settlement in East Jerusalem, and how you expect to be able to, you know, talk to both sides about this since that’s precisely the thing that the Palestinians regard as the greatest obstacle?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, it will certainly be a topic of conversation and I expect to raise it with all of Israel’s officials and leaders. And we’ve said before that this is a time to try and build confidence, and this is simply not helpful to building confidence. [and what is, Madame Secretary?] And so we’ll have a further discussion of it, but I intend to have a discussion of Roadmap obligations generally, and this is obviously a Roadmap obligation that’s not being met.

QUESTION: Madame Secretary, you are not annoyed that every time you go there, there is a new announcement of settlements, either just before you come or just after you leave?

SECRETARY RICE: Unfortunately, there have been a few whether I’m coming or not. I think that – look, it’s a problem. And I think it’s a problem that we’re – that I’m going to address with the Israelis. And it’s also – as the President said today, it’s also every reason – or it gives us every reason that we really ought to be determining the boundaries of the state, because what’s in Israel will be in Israel at that point, and what’s in Palestine will be in Palestine. And that’s the best way to resolve this, but you know, I repeat, we’ve talked a great deal about the importance of Roadmap obligations, and this one isn’t being met.



Suzanne Pomeranz said...

Condi said: "that we really ought to be determining the boundaries of the state" - what a lot of nerve... the only entity that "ought to be determining the boundaries of the state" is ISRAEL!

She has no right or rights here. Wonder why she comes here so often - ah - unless she's coming to see/be with "someone" in particular???????????

GO HOME CONDI - YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE (or basically anywhere outside the USA, as it happens)l.

section9 said...

Condi Rice has one responsibility: to the National Interest of the United States of America. She has no responsibility to the Isreali settler movement.

Since 1973, our settled policy has basically been a peace settlement along the lines of U.N. Resolutions 242 and 338. That means, fundamentally, Israeli withdrawal to the Green Line and a return of the Occupied Territories to the Arabs. Sadly, King Hussein was stripped of his rights by the treacherous Saudis at Rabat, so we are left with the Pallies.

Our political objectives as a Republic are different from that of Israel, which has pursued a hideously mistaken occupation policy since 1967. It's not that Israel is not an ally; she is. However, Israel must let the Palestinians go and stew in their own juices.

You will learn as we did: better the enemy without than the enemy within.

Anonymous said...

Does she not know the content of her own Road Map?


YMedad said...

Dear Section 9 (these internet disguises are really nerdy): You misunderstand. A weak Israel, prey to renewed attacks by fanatical terroists on its reduced borders, with subversive Arabs inside emboldened by the creation of a "Palestine" that once again entices them to try to destroy Israel, etc., etc., is of no help to America. A Hamas victory, linked to a Hezbollah victory will mean a deathknell for Egypt and Jordan. Syria takes over lenbanon and retakes Iraq, if Iran doesn't get there first. No democracy, no oil, no strategy.