Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Prize for Zionism

I first met Cherna and Dr. Irving Moskowitz almost a quarter of a century ago when I accompanied Daniella Weiss and Tzvika Slonim on a trip to the United States on behalf of Gush Emunim. Their house in Florida was quite unique in that it was the longest house I had ever been in, excluding the Versailles Palace I visited in 1976. With 8 children, k'ein ahora (that's a Yiddish expression, not Spanish), they had purchased two adjacent lots and simply connected the two homes. Later, I was privileged to meet them many times in the Knesset and other places having worked with Geula Cohen and Techiya.

As I am a Hasbara person, that is, I explain but I don't build and contruct (although the Temple is indeed always on my mind), I did not develop a working relationship with them but always enjoyed the fruits of their generosity, one way or another (their Foundation has given, by now, some $85 million to charitable endeavors). Without exaggeration, the Moskowitz's are the preeminent builders in the private sector of the Land of Israel since the Rothschilds and Moshe Montefiore.

Last night, my wife and I attended the Moscowitz Zionism Prize ceremony at Ir David and enjoyed a wonderful performance by Shlomo Gronich, in addition to clapping heartily for Ron Pecker, Moshe Moshkowitz and Rabbi David Fendel (his uncle, Zechariah, was my high school rebbe at Chofetz Chaim way back when). Several hundreds of people came and I got to greet many old friends.

Here's Shlomo Gronich on stage:

And, of course, without a whining left-wing antizionist demo, we just can't get along here in Israel, so here's Rabbi Arik Ackerman and friends:

And again Gronich who really shook up the crowd with exciting musical sounds to Biblical texts:-

And I hope that this clip works (first time I'm uploading a video) to give you a taste of the sounds

I wish the Moskowitzs long and healthy lives for their family's sake, for the sake of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel.

They get a very special prize.


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