Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Get Out of My Kitchen!"

That's what the late Golda Meir would say to Ehud Olmert.

Noam Shalit is translated as calling Olmert one with "unbelievable worthlessness".

The Hebrew is שלומיאליות ללא תיאור and I would transcribe that as:

"indescribable incapability"

RA, my Oz of Translation, leans towards "indescribable incompetence".

P.S. And while on semantics, I spotted this over at the Reka site of foreign language broadcasts of Kol Yisrael: "Mortar shell breaks calm but ceasefire holds".

In other words, there's a calm and there's a ceasefire. So, even though the ceasefire was ceased, the calm remains. Go figure it out. And get out of the kitchen!

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Unknown said...

Make a Difference Bs”d
There are people who because of their predisposition to the role the Klipot play in creation are simply pawns to do the bidding of the Klipot. This is the result of the way they have shaped themselves as people. It makes them particularly open to the “other sides” seductions. By the underlying basis of who they are, excluding the reality of God and objective truth from their thought. Their evil inclination becomes the perfect window through which the Klipot can enter and attach themselves to them. Such people become chariots for spiritual destruction, and they take down many people with them along the way. These people go out of their way to impose their ungodly beliefs on society at large. Because the Klipot have become attached to them, and guide them through life. Their own perspective becomes that of the Klipot. They find meaning in saying or doing things that are morally destructive. Indeed, they get a thrill from being morally antagonistic and provocative. For the Klipot it is not enough to be provocative, but they go so far as to declare war on the side of kedushah. In the name of protecting “holy” Western concepts as “political correctness” . These people exist for anti-Torah values. They go about making belief in God “so embarrassing that people will be too embarrassed to believe”, or at least express their belief in any public way. They desire to remove from us any real meaning in life. They exert tremendous influence on people and their governments against all moral logic. In the United States they have created a cultural / legal onslaught against any public display of anything remotely “religious” in origin. Plaques bearing the Ten Commandments are being required to be removed from public display. Plaques with quotes from the Psalms expressing the beauty of nature are removed from public lands for no other reason than because they quote the Bible. The massive western cultural push to legitimize the immorality of homosexuality is another expression of the overt activity of the “other side” at work. They try to shift society away from belief in and respect for the Bible. This is all part of other side’s desire to erase Biblical morality from the world’s cultures, and so that they will not be be sympathetic to a Biblical claim of a Holy Land for the Jewish people. They are trying to distance the redemption. The appearance of these evil activities signifies some type of influx of kedushah into the world. The more kedushah (Holiness) that God puts into the world to facilitate the Final Redemption, the more active they become trying to get some of it. This is what the Klipot have always tried to do. They want to destroy kedushah by drawing every last holy spark out of it to the side of spiritual impurity.
The intentions of the nations might be good in that they really do want to see peace come to the Middle East, nonetheless, because they are going about it in the wrong way, the best of their plans will lead to nothing but disaster. With all the good intentions of the leaders of the world the plans of the world’s leaders have brought them into opposition with the “true Road Map” set out by the Creator himself. The Road Map peace process is doomed to failure for one simple reason, it does not consider G-d’s will. Which is clearly revealed in the Bible.
The opportunity to be a partner in redemption is here. Ever since the first olim (settlers) arrived in Eretz Yisrael in the 1800s and began rebuilding the yishuv, it became possible to contribute to the redemption by actually building up Eretz Yisrael. History has always been about separating the wheat from the chaff, those with good hearts from those with bad ones. Only out of 5 were able to leave in the redemption from egypt. Dont be left behind.